About Us


Led by Khalid Abdullah our team of coaches are here to support you in delivering the maximum possible impact on your daily life with the qualities of confidence, self esteem, motivation and communication skills. You will be empowered where you feel powerless to move forward on your life’s journey toward realising your potential as a human being through self reflection and achieving goals building courage as you go.

Our work is designed to reveal and develop the emotional literacy and intelligence (ELI) of the people we work with. This process enables you to release and exercise your true voice as an individual creating more powerful relationships which in turn promotes interpersonal peace and understanding in local communities.

For us, wisdom, compassion and courage is at the heart of ELI which is what our inclusive, educational products are founded on. The belief is, that if we are to overcome the enormous challenges human beings face this century, it is essential that each and every one of us of able mind and body take greater responsibility for our actions and the way that we live. We also need to be willing where necessary, to adapt our lifestyles to embrace our environment currently undergoing climate change.

We guide people toward these goals with a unique coaching methodology that involves mapping our consciousness and emotional state. Our strong interest and over 30 years experience in human character development and personal spiritual (non religious) growth has led us to develop this approach. Our intention is that for each person we work with to experience the courage available inside that leads to complete emotional liberation, an essential ingredient in revealing your own unique life purpose.

We offer a CONSULTANCY SERVICE for individuals or groups seeking to manifest this vision in their daily life either at home or at work

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