Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age


What is emerging in the early part of the new century are millions of people seeking to fulfil their potential by leading happy and satisfying lives in an environment of what seems ever increasing challenges. We will need to connect with our emotional intelligence and resilience to accomplish our potential both as individuals and as a species. We will have to expand the sphere of acting as one species much further than ever before. In the 1990’s Daniel Golman among the first to use the phrase Emotional Intelligence published a book of the same name. Simultaneously Dr David Hawkins was publishing his book on consciousness Power v Force which measures the energy fields in our physical environment. Landmark Education had already been delivering their pioneering emotional intelligence training course for 20 years by then and over 2 million people, including the author, have already experienced the amazing breakthroughs in consciousness available through their training. In addition a plethora of authors from Neale Donald Walsh to Susan Jeffers, from Louise Hay to Gary Zukav and from James Redman to Eckart Tolle have covered the ground between self help and advanced spirituality providing a bedrock of learning for those seeking to fulfil their potential.

Khalid Abdullah’s  experience of delivering coaching on a behaviour modification programme in Woodhill Prison in 2008 was the catalyst for creating a cradle to the end of life coaching system which utilises modern ICT to fulfil the function of coaching 1 to many thousands. Now, in the digital age we at Planet Village are seeking to create a mash up from these sources of learning and consciousness based on the experience of a new guru. The Crowd.  Recent times have seen the successful rise of crowd funding. What we are precipitating is the crowd as guru. Since the secrets of our future success lies within us, we have devised a methodology that harvests our collective experience as human beings, catalogues them in an intelligent database, provides a bit of guidance on manifesting powerful relationships and then makes it available to the wider community.  Some of these communities we are already currently working with using our collaborative approach.


As part of our collaborative opportunity we offer a unique consultancy service aimed at creating emotionally intelligent services. We have tools that facilitate social change with compassion where the voice of your user group is heard. This is a service design that takes on board learning from past experiences of what works or doesn’t work, simultaneously taking cognisance of peoples’ current needs and wisdom;

For the development of your new emotionally intelligent services we can deliver on ;


at the following levels;


Some of the evidence of need we have identified in the health sector can be found here;

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The link between Health and Education begins with personal social, health and economic education which of course for adults is lifelong learning.

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