About Khalid

Khalid Abdullah – Relationship Life Coach / Trainer


My work as a life coach stems from spending the first 12 years of my working life getting paid to pretend to be other people on stage as a professional actor.  It was during this time my interest in real life character development was kindled. What is it that makes people behave as they do? Why do people display certain emotions? What causes people to attack, kill or love each other? Why am I alive…what’s my motivation or purpose in life? These are the kind of questions I had to answer on a daily basis in my character research as an actor.

Little wonder then that when I left acting and had the opportunity to develop my own character as part of my training as a Life Coach in 1992, I had to face these questions about myself. Resolving them has been a joy and has resulted in my ultimate inner freedom and fundamental happiness. I share the journey of how I achieved this in my coaching through a set of strategies, guidelines, principles and values. My passion, drive and unstoppable motivation are also shared as an essential part of the coaching process.

All of these are fully integrated into my daily life which has included 20 years of coaching experience on a one to one and group basis