Owning all of the consequences of your actions in daily life gives you a sense of control. You are able to see the positive side to any negative event and learn from it.

Using our video of Autobiography in five chapters you can take a look back on an event in your life …..or as we say reflect on it.  Here are a few questions to support the process of self reflection.


Whatever your problem, issue or challenge we invite you to step into the shoes of the person walking down the road in our video.

At what stage of the journey down the road are you at this moment (today)?

Are you already in the hole?

Are you stuck?

Or have you already walked around the hole?  Have you learnt anything …if so what ?




If so, what changed for you to accomplish this? What DIFFERENT ACTION did you take ?

Are you ready or willing to share the story of where you are at in the journey with others?

Its Your Life !


Own It !!