Proof of Concept

Digital storytelling is not new. Its been around for a while.  Storycenter who have been in existence for over 20 years, is the best example we have found that demonstrates the how stories can be used to generate empathy amongst human beings. According to their research sharing and listening to stories:

  • Increases self-esteem and wellbeing
  • Improves organizational health
  • Helps communities bond
  • Builds literacy and writing skills
  • Inspires people to take action for change

A fusion of this storytelling discipline with that of Life Coaching is what we are up to at Planet Village. On the following links you will find a breakdown explaining;

From the perspective of the life coach what we are imparting is essentially guidance. We shed light of the possibilities for moving forward in any given area of life and the coachee chooses which path to follow based on this guidance.

We are creating a digital interactive web based resource to fulfil our aim to utilise peoples stories to coach the people who are listening to those stories. We have a slightly different storytelling model to storycenter to fit our coaching requirement which is motivated by the need to reach our mega 21st century populace which is growing apace in a time when ‘feeling happy and meeting goals is becoming increasingly difficult in the current economic climate.’

This Planet Village fusion simply uses digital storytelling to convey ideas and concepts as guidance to empower businesses and end users alike to make the choices that work best for them , their environments and families respectively.