Welcome to our PSHE design page.

We are currently developing services for our future users dashboard and we thank you for taking the time to have a brief look and for any feedback you may have. Our focus is the emotional, psychological and social well being of all those who will use our services in the future.

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Our current idea is to create a user centred dashboard for our users containing a range of services that support them in nurturing themselves as well as keeping them moving forward in their life journey. We have decided to share this with you and your organisation as people already involved in this field of work who could benefit from relationship life coaching alongside their existing support.

In return your clients and /or ex-clients will be among the first to use this innovative approach to life coaching and so called self help. In an age where it  has been estimated that by the year 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disability throughout the world, trailing only ischemic heart disease we feel impelled to share what we know about ourselves as human beings with young citizens and those charged with their learning.


It is proposed that the first 3 items will be;

  1. My personal life Coach – What is Life Coaching?

The purpose for having your own personal relationship life coach is to maximise your potential as a human being and improve your performance in all your relationships to attain as much joy, fulfilment and satisfaction as possible whilst remaining in peaceful harmony with others and your environment. i.e. non of these benefits are obtained at any one or anything else’s expense, quite the opposite.

Check out the first draft of our Coach Yourself module here


When you have had a look at the module we’d be very grateful for your feedback! 

2. My Daily Journal

The options for recording your daily journal include;

A personal journal is a great tool for self reflection. Keeping a daily journal is a great way of listening to or observing yourself and your inner thoughts and feelings. When you do this, you go out into the world with a much clearer sense of self and who you are.  We will propose several ways of journaling.

Written ( by hand / typed into your PC )


  • By Audio record here or directly into your tablet / phone device
  • or Video  record here or directly into your tablet / phone device
3. The Story Library

The story library is an opportunity for you to share your personal experiences. You will need to submit them anonymously and in short story form on AUDIO ONLY. We have chosen this format so that you can speak freely which will enable you to release your self expression. There is a no names, no dates, no places policy and please let us know if you would like us to change your voice patterns. Other objectives of this library include engendering empathy and understanding between people.


Here is an example of a current story library  serving its community of users. We aim to establish a similar resource but using stories recorded on Audio.

Here are some examples of Our Story Library which will contain the stories of everyday citizens on AUDIO