You can click here to record


Record on any mobile or tablet device and email your sound file to us at;


Before you decide to click and record please make sure that you are clear about the ending of your story.  This means that as you tell your story you know exactly where you need to get to. At the end of your story we ask you to include TWO WORDS in your recording that describe how you felt at the time the experience occurred.  Stories will only be accepted if these two words are included.  We advise therefore that you have these two words prepared and clearly in mind before you click record. You may want to make a few notes or even read your a story if you choose to. Feel free to have several attempts at telling it. Have fun with it. Our click and record channel allows you to discard any recording that you are not satisfied with. If you have something important to share …rehearse it before recording.

Please not, 

If you submit a story it means that you give us permission to publish it on our channel. However our channel moderator will firstly check that your contribution fits our respect and format criteria before publication and there will be a seven day cooling off period BEFORE WE PUBLISH during which time you can change your mind by emailing us with your request. 

If you would like us to change the voice patterns on your recording to protect your own identity please put this request in your email to the above with the title of your recording, when you submit your story.

You have a maximum of  10 minutes ….remember …..LESS IS MORE