Holistic life coaching is a powerful process that you can use to improve personal relationships and performance. Our services are designed to enable you to engage on a daily basis with the ongoing process of fulfilling your unique potential as you strive to lead a more powerful happier life.

Rooted in the present, the coaching is future-focused , goal-orientated, and concerned with empowering people to move their lives forward more effectively than if they were doing this alone. i.e. without a coach. We all have relationships with ourselves, with others and with our environment. The process is completely confidential, non-judgemental. No treatment, advice, or therapy is involved, and based on mutual trust and respect. This video displays a key example of our coaching method.

Please Note: In the film it mentions fault but in our coaching where the culture of blame is rejected, this is more accurately described as ownership.

You are the expert in your life and we have developed a unique methodology that draws out the issues you need to deal with giving you access to your infinite untapped potential. You will also have the opportunity to set and achieve personal goals and map your emotional well being as you go along.

You were born with a unique purpose that only you can fulfil. The coach is the external catalyst and works in partnership with you to reveal the answers, breakthroughs  and outcomes that you seek. So let’s get going!


Problemsolver supports you in achieving a breakthrough with any problem or issue where you find yourself stuck i.e. stuff you need to tackle immediately but find yourself procrastinating with. Reflection on how you got into this position in the first place will help in identifying any current blockage so you may wish to outline the background to the problem/issue BEFORE emailing us.  Use email or voicemail to submit your issue to a qualified coach. You get three emails which do not include any replies that you make to the coach in response to a request for clarification.( sorting the wood from the trees! )

Alternatively you may wish to use our premium service and connect with a coach by telephone, Skype or in person with the number and frequency of sessions determined by mutual agreement.


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