Storyteller Business Testimonial

Independent 360 degree emotionally intelligent validation of your company’s service/ product quality 

How do your company’s’ products and services impact on customer satisfaction and fulfilment ? This service aims to have them share their user experience….in short story form ON AUDIO.

Our process involves;

  1. Discovering your Needs
  2. Obtain customers’ experiences
  3. Customer Interview
  4. Stakeholder interview
  5. Interview recording ; a. Sound bite …they summarise their interaction in 30 secs OR within 3 minutes…b. the FULL STORY
  6. The role of Photography

Experiences cover;

  • The problem
  • What your company did to solve the problem
  • The solution
  • The Users Story
  • Stakeholder stories
  • How your customer / stakeholders feel about the solution

5. Video Option

  • Finally there is an option to have all this on VIDEO



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