Storyteller Landing

Do you need more courage to express what you really feel ?

Achieve complete freedom of positive self expression

Ever wanted to rewind life because you felt that you missed an opportunity to say

exactly what you felt in a particular moment?  That’s because we sometimes

struggle to be fully present to our lives. This is the key to finding your inner voice…….

you  know……. the voice that’s really aching to tell it how it is….how you see things….but for some reason

never gets fully expressed…that voice.

A subject of your choice

You can share anything  you like …….it could be something that is annoying or

niggling you or maybe it’s a problem that you are struggling to overcome….or maybe

it was a moment that was really meaningful for you … a turning point , something

exceedingly funny …or a dream fulfilled. We are particularly interested in connecting

different generations so whether you are young , of an older ( 50+ ) age group or

somewhere in between  what ever  you wish to relate  this is your opportunity to

share it ….Tell Your Story … 

Founded firmly on RESPECT for self and others,

Need a bit of Inspiration ?

Here are a few stories you can listen too;