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The Library

We are assembling a Library of stories which consist of a collection of anonymous short authentic experiences submitted by the public. The aim is to share collective wisdom. To maintain confidentiality, contributions are recorded on audio only. Its purpose is to touch, move, inspire and encourage the listener to take action in any area of daily life in which procrastination has been the block to moving forward!


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It will also act as a sounding board to generate empathy and learning for us listeners as we discover through storytelling how others dealt with and overcame  difficult situations, attained amazing achievements  and transcended suffering and in the process demonstrating the awe inspiring courage of the human spirit.

This library will not contain opinions, perspectives or political spectrums. It’s simply about your story, the one you choose to share and your recall of what happened. We’ll go so far as to change your voice patterns if you choose so that you can tell your story in complete anonymity and confidentiality.

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Tell your story and make your unique contribution by sharing an experience that is meaningful to you. Stories can be about anything you like! It could be one that fulfils our brief of; to touch (the heart ), move, inspire and encourage! Or your story can be simply something that you found humourous or that made you cry!  Or maybe just want to get off your chest! It’s your choice! All stories are moderated so we will contact you and give you 7 day cooling off period before posting it.

Here are few Story Examples for your listening.   …click the link to listen

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  2. Caught Short – click here
  3. Change – click here
  4. First Time – click here
  5. Tough Love – click here