Out with the Old in with the New


Our video ‘ A moment of self reflection’ is based on the poem Autobiography in five chapters by Portia Nelson.

This is our basic life coaching model centred on our human relationships with self, others and the environment.

Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

This introductory module is designed to allow you to coach yourself in overcoming obstacles (described as falling down a hole ) over and over again until it becomes second nature. Its aim is to support you in breaking the vicious cycle of fault and blame. To achieve this you will need a breakthrough by taking responsibility for any situation. This will then put you on the liberating empowered path of owning everything that happens to you….whether it was your fault or not. This is what we explore in this opening module.

Lets begin the journey by dealing with the word Fault which pops up as the word that keeps our video character in the hole longer than they would like.




Take a look at the free dictionary definition of the word here

The road travelled by our video character places us into the environment of our beautiful blue planet symbolised by the tree. We shall return to the relevance of the environment later.

In the context of our video we may likely think of fault as: whose fault is it? who is to blame? Certainly this is the question most often asked by the media when some negative event takes place. Naturally in such cases we search for those who took the initial action that led to the negative event….certainly it is the habit of the media to ask who’s to blame?

A brief look at Blame