Khalid Abdullah –  Life Coach & Lead Trainer 


Khalid spent the first 12 years of his working life as a professional actor after training at East 15 Acting School. He then worked as a Social Housing professional as a housing officer, manager and policy officer for the following 20 years. In his own time he trained at Landmark Education 1992 –’94 in personal development and interpersonal/ coaching skills enhanced his competence based qualification in 1992. This foundation of wisdom based education, led to becoming a relationship coach. Further development followed with non-religious spiritual coaching training with an organisation called ‘the Path’ based in Arizona USA during the period 1996-’98. He has 20 years life coaching/mentoring experience on a one to one and group basis and has over 25 years voluntary sector experience in the UK facilitating workshops and groups. More recently, over the last five years he has focused on small business coaching and mentoring whilst developing the idea for an online coaching platform.

Shenan Chandler – Lead Trainer


Shenan has worked in a teaching and learning capacity for over 35
years across several disciplines which includes social work education
and training; IT teaching and Tutoring and one to one mentoring and
supervision. She has also worked as a Freelance trainer and Consultant
within the voluntary sector and local authorities exploring themes of
professional and organisational development. Shenan is a confident,
enthusiastic and warm person who enjoys seeing people flourish and
develop. Over the past 5 years she has been working more intensively
within the Mental Health field and combined her interest and passion
with the Arts; firstly by producing a play around Black mental health and
currently facilitating a self-advocacy group in a Mental Health Arts

Marina Abel Smith : Assistant Life Coach / Trainer


Marina has been a project manager for over 10 years and has managed a variety of projects of various sizes, lengths and budgets.  More recently this was community and regeneration projects in Milton Keynes, before that mainly building refurbishment projects in Wales.  She has also worked with people in a therapeutic capacity since 2000 in a variety of roles ranging from coach and mentor to community capacity building.  She has studied various forms of coaching, healing and therapy and has a passionate interest in how people’s thought patterns impact on their overall behaviour, life choices and health.

Steve Pearce / Square Marbles – IT Creative Consultant


Established in 2001, Square Marbles is in the sole ownership of Steve Pearce. Steve began a lifelong passion with software development and the arts, his dream, to establish a software house. In his professional life, Steve learnt his IT skills of analysis; programming, client-server & database technology, project management and rapid application development, during his 14 years with NatWest Bank. His final position was Senior Analyst & Programmer to the Chief Executives. Steve extended his skills base at Thames Information Systems Limited to include Web Technology (Internet, Intranet and Extranet) and Consultancy within the Charity and Trade Union sectors. At 4D Telecom Limited, as the Application Development Manager, he was involved in designing, developing and linking the company’s Intranet and telecommunication services.