Coaching for Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Step 1 ….watch our video….. ‘A moment of Reflection’

Improving your performance

I’m sure you get that coaching is important in sport. The athlete benefits from having someone alongside them who observes their game, gives them tips on improving technique for the purpose of enhancing performance

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…. so that they can win.



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What if you could do this for your life? Have a coach that carries out the same function as in sport…..but for your life!

Of course this is already possible for the many people who can afford it because its relatively expensive….more than your average monthly gym subscription…for most its a luxury ..that’s life.

If you can’t afford it , does that mean you don’t deserve to have one?

We don’t think so!

This is why….with your help….. we are creating this resource. Yes with your help !


We’ll be the coach …

You are the player….back to the video ….why is it my fault ?