Our Challenges

Health & Well being

The aim of the  campaign is to facilitate the flow of confidence, high self esteem, motivation and effective communication skills in people’s lives. This is the cause at the centre of this campaign and this also represents a milestone in the fulfilment of a personal dream for the founder.


UK government research shows that many urban dwellers are in state of crisis, often in isolation with nobody to turn to despite being surrounded by others. All this can have a profound impact on their health and well being. Which area on the wheel of life above is of special interest to you ?

An area of special interest for us is people caring for dementia sufferers. We intend to make affordable coaching and virtual mentoring available to this sector beginning here in the UK, then globally. Another area of special interest for this project is Drug and Alchohol recovery.

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Other areas of interest to us include;

·  Parenting ….are you a parent ? we invite you to share stories of what has worked for you as you raised your children…and what didn’t

·  the long term care community,

·  those affected by domestic violence Read More

·  those involved in the criminal justice system in any shape or form

Finally another major challenge facing all of us over which many of us feel we have no power is Climate Change. What difference do you think we as individuals can make to this issue…..has it impacted on your health and well-being ?  …do you have a personal story you can share ?

You may however have no interest in any of these subjects and we invite you Tell Your Story, invest in one of our perks or share our campaign with family, friends and colleagues.