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Planet Village

Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Future

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Planet Village

Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Future

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Planet Village

Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Future

Our Agenda
Our agenda is driven by environmental change

There is no longer any doubt that our global climate is changing, or that the behaviour of the human race over the last 100 years has had a major impact in accelerating this change. Many people still fail to acknowledge that we are in fact one with our environment consequently denying the very breath in their lungs. Certainly the United nations is clear about the level of change required.

Keeping to the preferred target of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will mean "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society".


Our Solution for Driving Change
Transforming Relationships

To enable rapid transformation and change we are establishing a multi faceted interactive web based relationship coaching resource based on a holistic approach to healthy ageing covering the complete human life cycle of ;

  1. Starting well
  2. Living well
  3. Ageing well
  4. Dying well

Our aim is to empower Governmental Agencies, NGO’s, Businesses and Individuals with the confidence, self esteem, motivation and emotional resilience to meet challenges driven by climate change for the remainder of this century.
Extensive evidence shows that having good-quality relationships can help us to live longer and happier lives with fewer mental health problems. These relationships include the one we have with our planet.

Relationship Life Coaching
Areas of Interest & Evidence of Need
  1. Sharing our experience can help improve the life experience for others and future generations
  2. Our solution is focused on transforming the dysfunctional aspects of human behaviour which impact on healthy living, ageing and consequently dying.
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Tell Your Story Anonymously

Achieve complete freedom of positive self expression.

Ever wanted to rewind life because you felt that you missed an opportunity to say exactly what you felt in a particular moment? That’s because we sometimes struggle to be fully present to our lives. This is the key to finding your inner voice... you know.... the voice that’s really aching to tell it how it is... how you see things... but for some reason never gets fully expressed... that voice!

A subject of your choice.

You can share anything you like... it could be something that is annoying, or niggling you, or maybe it’s a problem that you are struggling to overcome..., or maybe it was a moment that was really meaningful for you... a turning point, something exceedingly funny, or a dream fulfilled.
We are particularly interested in connecting different generations so whether you are young , of an older ( 50+ ) age group or somewhere in between what ever you wish to relate this is your opportunity to share it... .Tell Your Story!

Founded firmly on RESPECT for self and others, this service is completely confidential so please share and submit your experience without mentioning ANY names (including your own), dates or places. This also allows you to speak with complete FREEDOM. Failure to do so will result in rejection of your material.

Storytelling Style

Your story needs to be about a personal experience, something that has happened to you personally, not somebody else. It’s also needs to be told in the style of first person singular... e.g. I did this, or I did that, etc.

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Tell Your Story Anonymously


You can click here to record, OR
Record on any mobile or tablet device and email your sound file to us at:

Before you decide to click and record please make sure that you are clear about the ending of your story. This means as you tell your story you know exactly where you need to get to. At the end of your story we ask you to include TWO WORDS in your recording that describe how you felt at the time the experience occurred. Stories will only be accepted if these two words are included. We therefore advise you have these two words prepared and clearly in mind before you click record. You may want to make a few notes or even read your a story if you choose to. Feel free to have several attempts at telling it. Have fun with it. Our click and record channel allows you to discard any recording that you are not satisfied with. If you have something important to share rehearse it before recording.
Please note, if you submit a story it means that you give us permission to publish it on our channel. However our channel moderator will first check that your contribution fits our respect and format criteria before publication and there will be a seven day cooling off period BEFORE WE PUBLISH, during which time you can change your mind by emailing us with your request.
If you would like us to change the voice patterns on your recording to protect your own identity please put this request in your email to the above, with the title of your recording, when you submit your story.

You have a maximum of 10 minutes remember... LESS IS MORE!


A Moment of Reflection
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Emotional Intelligence in a Digital Age

What is emerging in the early part of the new century are millions of people seeking to fulfil their potential by leading happy and satisfying lives in an environment of what seems ever increasing challenges. We will need to connect with our emotional intelligence and resilience to accomplish our potential both as individuals and as a species. We will have to expand the sphere of acting as one species much further than ever before. In the 1990’s Daniel Golman among the first to use the phrase Emotional Intelligence published a book of the same name. Simultaneously Dr David Hawkins was publishing his book on consciousness Power v Force which measures the energy fields in our physical environment. Landmark Education had already been delivering their pioneering emotional intelligence training course for 20 years by then and over 2 million people, including the author, have already experienced the amazing breakthroughs in consciousness available through their training. In addition a plethora of authors from Neale Donald Walsh to Susan Jeffers, from Louise Hay to Gary Zukav and from James Redman to Eckart Tolle have covered the ground between self help and advanced spirituality providing a bedrock of learning for those seeking to fulfil their potential.

Khalid Abdullah's  experience of delivering coaching on a behaviour modification programme in Woodhill Prison in 2008 was the catalyst for creating a cradle to the end of life coaching system which utilises modern ICT to fulfil the function of coaching 1 to many thousands. Now, in the digital age we at Planet Village are seeking to create a mash up from these sources of learning and consciousness based on the experience of a new guru. The Crowd.  Recent times have seen the successful rise of crowd funding. What we are precipitating is the crowd as guru. Since the secrets of our future success lies within us, we have devised a methodology that harvests our collective experience as human beings, catalogues them in an intelligent database, provides a bit of guidance on manifesting powerful relationships and then makes it available to the wider community.  Some of these communities we are already currently working with using our collaborative approach.

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As part of our collaborative opportunity we offer a unique consultancy service aimed at creating emotionally intelligent services. We have tools that facilitate social change with compassion where the voice of your user group is heard. This is a service design that takes on board learning from past experiences of what works or doesn't work, simultaneously taking cognisance of peoples' current needs and wisdom;

For the development of your new emotionally intelligent services we can deliver on ;


at the following levels:

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Some of the evidence of need we have identified in the health sector can be found here:

The link between Health and Education begins with personal social, health and economic education which of course for adults is lifelong learning.

Planet Village

Planet Village is currently a demonstrator for a comprehensive toolbox for achieving high levels of self support and or satisfactory care for business and end users. It adopts an innovative holistic approach to ageing, recognising that regardless of ethnicity, creed, social group, gender, education or indeed age, everyone is included in this process.

The development of an interactive, multifaceted, multifunctional web platform providing efficient holistic emotionally intelligent solutions for all users is our destination. The available outcomes will measurably improve the quality of life for end users and enable businesses to respond appropriately to their clients’ self care and empowerment needs.

Our products and services will be founded on the evidential value of lay knowledge and crucially, experience....your experience in the form of short stories.

Khalid Abdullah

Khalid spent the first 12 years of his working life as a professional actor after training at East 15 Acting School. He then worked as a Social Housing professional as a housing officer, manager and policy officer for the following 20 years. In his own time he trained at Landmark Education 1992 –’94 in personal development and interpersonal/ coaching skills enhanced his competence based qualification in 1992. This foundation of wisdom based education, led to becoming a relationship coach. Further development followed with non-religious spiritual coaching training with an organisation called ‘the Path’ based in Arizona USA during the period 1996-’98. He has 20 years life coaching/mentoring experience on a one to one and group basis and has over 25 years voluntary sector experience in the UK facilitating workshops and groups. More recently, over the last five years he has focused on small business coaching and mentoring whilst developing the idea for an online coaching platform.

Shenan Chandler

Shenan has worked in a teaching and earning capacity for over 35 years across several disciplines which includes social work education and training; IT teaching and Tutoring and one to one mentoring and supervision. She has also worked as a Freelance trainer and Consultant within the voluntary sector and local authorities exploring themes of professional and organisational development. Shenan is a confident, enthusiastic and warm person who enjoys seeing people flourish and develop. Over the past 5 years she has been working more intensively within the Mental Health field and combined her interest and passion with the Arts; firstly by producing a play around Black mental health and currently facilitating a self-advocacy group in a Mental Health Arts project.

Marina Smith

Marina has been a project manager for over 10 years and has managed a variety of projects of various sizes, lengths and budgets. More recently this was community and regeneration projects in Milton Keynes, before that mainly building refurbishment projects in Wales. She has also worked with people in a therapeutic capacity since 2000 in a variety of roles ranging from coach and mentor to community capacity building. She has studied various forms of coaching, healing and therapy and has a passionate interest in how people’s thought patterns impact on their overall behaviour, life choices and health.

Steve Pearce

Established in 2001, Square Marbles is in the sole ownership of Steve Pearce. Steve began a lifelong passion with software development and the arts, his dream, to establish a software house. In his professional life, Steve learnt his IT skills of analysis; programming, client-server & database technology, project management and rapid application development, during his 14 years with NatWest Bank. His final position was Senior Analyst & Programmer to the Chief Executives. Steve extended his skills base at Thames Information Systems Limited to include Web Technology (Internet, Intranet and Extranet) and Consultancy within the Charity and Trade Union sectors. At 4D Telecom Limited, as the Application Development Manager, he was involved in designing, developing and linking the company’s Intranet and telecommunication services.

Storytelling & Listening Resources

The foundational product for our resource will be a new anonymous Citizen’s Digital Story Library. Its function is to be the vehicle for our unique relationship coaching. The following currently available resources reveal the motivation behind this initiative as well as illustrating some of the elements that it will contain:

Personal storytelling is shown to impact positively on practice, and influence better services and better outcomes for individuals.

Our offering will differ by being mostly anonymous ( audio) digital content. It will also be able to track the emotional journey of the day to day human experience. The purpose of our database will be to connect with audiences, large or small, needing success relationship life coaching for their personal empowerment and self care.